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Biggest Social Marketing Mistakes Hotels Make

Hotel marketing has gone beyond traditional advertisement to the use of digital solutions and strategies to drive more sales and increase revenue. With so much buzz around the word “digital marketing”, many hotels brands are still getting it wrong.


For increased occupancy and customer attraction and retention, here are a few mistakes that you must avoid.


  1. Being Absent: At this age, everyone goes online to make inquiries on their hotel needs. Not having an online presence will mean that lesser people are aware of your services. Your presence online is however not enough. You must engage with potential guests and returning customers by responding swiftly to their inquiries and taking their feedback. This will make them take you seriously and recognize that you are set for a continuously improving service.
  2. Using Irrelevant Hashtags: Hashtags are a good way to get your hotel visible. However, the use of Hashtags that are not relevant to your hotel will make it difficult for anyone to find you. You may consider leaving hashtags out of your Facebook posts because, on Facebook, they are not commonly used by users to discover content. You should consider tailoring content specific to each of your Social Media accounts to suit the audience and features of that particular channel.
  3. Posting Irrelevant Contents: While an active feed is encouraged, be wary of the contents that you put out. STOP posting for the sake of it. Take time to develop a plan for posting and audit your content to ensure that only relevant content is scheduled for posting. This will ensure that your handles become the go-to place for information about your services. Never leave your audience confused.
  4. Selling but not being Social: You want to get customers on board through your ads, that’s great. However, don’t pounce on them. Build a relationship, court the customer, communicate your unique selling point, business ethics, and character first. Always remember, “Be social on social media”
  5. Using poor visuals: The quality of images and videos you share goes a long way to determine how your audience perceives you. Make sure you deliver your best at all times and never paint a bad image of your hotel with a poor visual representation of your facility or services. Bring your A-game!
  6. Being Social, not Selling: While it is encouraged to build a relationship with your audience, always remember to have regular and direct Calls to action that’ll lead to the final goal. This may be the link to the booking page, a page on your website e.t.c. Remember, selling keeps you in business.


Are you making any of these mistakes already, contact us today for your marketing solutions. We’re only an email away.

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