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Experiencing Low Occupancy? Try these Digital Marketing Tips

Having low occupancy in your hotel is not an option in today’s digital world. Struggle no more as here are a few tips to help you maximize occupancy.


  1. Improve your Social Media Presence: Regular social media posts and engagement, especially with valuable and relevant content, can shoot you into a great position for visibility. With a great social media presence, more people who require your services will make inquiries and take it further by paying and getting on board.
  2. List your Hotel on Google: “Google My Business” is an online, business-friendly tool that gives you greater visibility, especially within a local audience. Internet users simply search for your service, location, and contact details. If you are consistent with your information online, that’s a BIG plus to your customer base and in return, your Revenue.
  3. Have a Website: Have a website that shows all details of your Hotel. This includes the amenities available, hotel location, categories of rooms, contact information and as well, a portal for reservations and booking. Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, as most people search for hotels using their phones. Your website should also have a good SEO to enable it to rank on search engines, thereby increasing your visibility.
  4. Utilize Ads: Ads are very effective in rapidly increasing your visibility, especially to persons who may require your services. This is because they are targeted based on location, interest, and consumer behavior. Never downplay the importance of Ads if you want to increase occupancy.
  5. Email Marketing: This is an often undervalued tool. Email marketing will help you to connect with guests and provide them guidance about selecting the best amenities as per their budget. It also helps you stay in touch after they leave your hotel via post emails. Engaging with guests who have booked your hotel before could be a great way to get feedback and as well, get them to return at the earliest possible time.


Do you find these clumsy for you? Let us handle your Marketing and wait for great results in a quick time.

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