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Five ways a virtual assistant team can help your hotel business

You’d agree with us that hotel management is tasking and time-consuming. Between managing the day-to-day operations, trying to find additional revenue sources, ensuring that the hotel remains profitable, and constantly monitoring what your competitors are doing, is definitely not enough to accomplish everything and not get burnt out.


Considering these struggles of hoteliers, here are proven ways a virtual assistant team can help your hotel business:


  • Save You Precious Time: No task is too small. However, as a hotel owner or hotel manager, you should be involved with a high-level strategy that directly impacts your hotel’s revenues. Setting up a virtual assistant system will save you time by attending to your administrative needs.


  • Improve Your Online Presence: Hotels require a lot of content to be spread across different channels online — your site, your directories, your OTA listings, etc. It’s important to always have updated content, and a VA team can do this seamlessly for you.


  • Timely Response To Online Reviews: 50% of travelers said that online reviews have significantly influenced their hotel booking decisions. It is therefore important that you respond to reviews as fast as possible. A virtual assistant team can respond promptly to positive and negative reviews in order to create a beautiful brand picture for your hotel business online.


  • Consistent Competitors Monitoring: You cannot be at the top if you don’t know what other hotels are doing. Performing an online audit on what your competitors are doing is easy, but it takes a lot of time. Virtual Assistants can provide you with an executive summary of what other hotels in your category are doing in terms of sales and marketing.


  • Build Customer Loyalty: The primary reason why most hotels are not able to build brand loyalty among their guests is the lack of follow-up. A VA team will craft and send emails to your guests and make sure that they are constantly engaged.


10 tasks virtual assistants can do for you

Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) is a great way to lighten your workload. Outsourcing your administrative functions to our Virtual Assistance will ease you greatly and increase your productivity level and revenue.


VAs are effective and efficient in carrying out several tasks for your hotel business. Some tasks a Virtual Assistants can do for you include:

1 –  Email Management/Filtering

2 – Booking appointments with clients and following upon them.

3 – Social media management of your various Social Media Accounts

4 – Receptionist duties (answering occasional calls)

5 – Calendar Management

6 –  File Management (organizing files using the most appropriate tools)

7 –  Database building (eg. updating email or contact lists on your CRM)

8 –  Creating basic reports (reports on weekly tasks, deliverables, sales)

9 –  Transcription (transcribing voicemail, video or audio, podcasts, etc.)

10 – Hotel and flight bookings


Why wait when you can get started now? Email us and let’s help you set up an effective VA system.


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