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How to convert your followers into hotel guests

Do you want to convert your social media followers into loyal guests in your hotel? Regardless of whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, there are some principles that you need to follow to achieve this.


1 – Be clear and consistent about your hotel message: We see so many hotels (small & also big) not defining what their Unique Selling Point is. Let your followers know the type of experience you can provide. Sharing this clear USP consistently will help convert them to guests.


2 – Prioritize Engagement: Regardless of the number of followers you have online, you need to increase your community engagement. Remember, the power of social media relies on putting people with similar interests together at a very low cost. So make sure you are keeping them engaged, so your brand is in their mind constantly.


3 – Leverage the power of blogging: Have a hotel blog to post information about attractions, shopping, activities, dining, and nightlife in your area. You should create great blog content that will outrank your competitors. It’s important to post on a schedule and be consistent. Spread this content on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


4 – Share High-Quality Content on Your Social Media Pages: Followers want to see real pictures of your hotel facility. Take professional pictures and videos and share them online. Let them see what they will enjoy when they book.


5 – Create Mobile-Friendly Website: Let your hotel website be mobile friendly as most of your website visitors will be assessing via their mobile phones. Then make use of strong Calls-to-Action that will convert them.


Sticking to these tips will help you convert many social media followers to guests in your resorts and hotels.


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