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Tips on choosing the right brand and marketing agency for your hotel/resort

Choosing the right brand and marketing agency for your hotel and resort business is as important as running the hotel itself. A good agency will effectively improve your hotel’s online presence, increase revenue and create better brand awareness.


To choose the right agency for your hotel and resort business, the following tips will help:


1 – A Good Marketing Agency is interested: In the process of working with a new agency, you should be getting tons of questions such as: What’s your ADR?, Occupancy rate?, Booking window? Most booked rate? Conversion rate? Etc. All this info is necessary to set up your strategy and a good digital marketing agency will be interested in knowing them.


2 – A Good Hotel Marketing Agency Tracks Everything and Gives Actionable Insights: A good digital agency will track your vital stats like Your bounce rate, Unique visitors, Conversion rates, and more.


3 – A Great Marketing Agency Asks About Your Strategic Problems and Proposes Solutions: What a good agency need is data, problems, situations, etc, then it will make its own strategy based on your needs. You don’t need to tell them what to do or how to do it. They will set up a whole strategy based on your needs and follow up by professionals.


4 – Evaluate Their Social Media and Digital Marketing Skills: When choosing an agency to level up your hotel’s digital marketing, be sure to find one that knows hospitality. It’s worth paying for that specialization, as this expertise pays off.


5 – Ask about their Client Conversion Rates: You want to be certain that their services are effective, and you are guaranteed of getting results.


Choosing the right digital marketing agency for your hotel/resort business, you will see amazing results. At 2wenty2 hospitality, we provide excellent marketing services for hospitality businesses.


Send us a message today, let’s develop an effective marketing strategy for your hotel business.

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